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חברת גיגיה עוזרת לחברות ענק לנהל את נתוני לקוחותיהן תוך שמירה על פרטיותם. זהו מוצר SaaS אשר מפותח בעזרת טכנולוגיות מתקדמות ומנהל יותר ממילארד זהויות משתמשים.
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Android SDK developer
The position involves developing Gigya’s Android SDK and working samples. Able to design and write well-structured, easily maintainable, well-documented code, balance elegance, efficiency and pragmatism for the different flows of Gigya.
Gigya מאפיינת את חווית המשתמש של העתיד
עם טכנולוגיות מתקדמות שמאפשרות ייבוא וחיבור נתונים לכדי תמונת לקוחות מקיפה וכוללת, חברת Gigya מביאה את הדור הבא של חווית המשתמש לחברות הגדולות בעולם
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Senior C# Server Software Engineer
The primary challenge for the C# Server developer will be to model, design and develop Service-Oriented (SOA) user management systems that perform at massive scale. You will work in a small, highly-experienced team that regularly solves dynamic software engineering challenges in Gigya’s core services, on production systems that serve over 500 million users. You will regularly work with battle-hardened managers and experienced developers from other teams in our R&D center. Responsibilities include: Design and develop core gigya components on Gigya global cloud platform Working with the newest methodologies in C# 6., TPL,microservices using actor model and Aspect programming. Running on cutting-edge platforms such as actor based models build using microservices architecture Manage the product lifecycle from planning and development to production in continuous integration and deployment processes. Solve complicated and dynamic challenges as they arise in highly concurrent distributed systems. Understand customer needs and implementations
אקזיט ביותר ממיליארד שקל במזומן: גיגיה הישראלית נמכרת לסאפ
סאפ, חברת התוכנה הגדולה באירופה, רוכשת את גיגיה - שמנתחת העדפות גולשים עבור אתרי תוכן גדולים של חברות כמו פפסי, רד בול וליגת ה-NBA. גיגיה מעסיקה כ-100 עובדים בישראל. וכמה יקבלו שלושת מייסדי החברה?
Senior Product Manager
You will solve complex problems that the customer data silos environment have created by developing strategic homegrown capabilities and partner with the best. You will infuse data science across the company. You will consolidate a massive MarTech vendor landscape. You will capture this and lots of fresh new ROI focused ideas in a meticulous roadmap & backlog. Your ultimate goal is to enable brands to create a seamless, unified customer experience to satisfy the customers need for a unified, omni-channel experience with the brands they trust. If you want to inspire Marketing, Business, Product, and Engineering experts in Gigya/SAP Hybris and across SAP business units & the most senior levels, connect the dots across a portfolio of products, make ideas into meaningful products, and help fuel a critical part of the business for one of the biggest e-commerce software companies in the world - then we want you here. Responsibilities: Lead products from ideation through product development and launch Proactively engage clients and other relevant stakeholders to provide input for product strategy discussions, and contribute to development of product vision, and roadmap, and ensures that your development teams have a comprehensive understanding of that vision Prioritize and define product backlog that reflects customer and user needs, and enrich backlog to ensure that the product team and other relevant stakeholders have a comprehensive understanding Constantly evaluate competitive products to ensure your product is on-par or competitive in the current market Develops business requirements and customer journeys, and validates planned and implemented scope throughout product lifecycle Contributes to creation of product-related non-code assets (such as go-to-market materials, rollout and knowledge transfer material)
FED Group Leader
Gigya is looking for a true technological, agile and people guru with vast managerial experience and a track record of successes (and failures) to expand and lead its front end group. The front end group, responsible for many of Gigya's core products, will be composed of 3 direct reports and a total of 15-20 people. One of the teams is located in Kiev Ukraine and thus the position requires traveling on a frequent basis. The group develops Gigya SDKs that are used in billions of devices, Gigya's administrative console that is used by more than 500 of the top enterprises in the world and Gigya CMS/E-commerce connectors. As a GL you will be a highly visible and influential member of the R&D department , reporting to the SVP of R&D, and a key member of the R&D leadership team. You will help form the future directions of the R&D department both technological and process wise while ensuring business goals and milestones are met or exceeded by the R&D and your group. You will also provide leadership and support to other groups within the company including Product, Customer Support, Account Management, Professional Services and Marketing. You will interact, from time time, with customers to better understand business needs and to manage escalations. The ideal candidate will be an exceptional leader, experienced and passionate about developing people and designing innovative multi tenant large scale SaaS solutions As a GL your main responsibilities will be: • Work with the SVP of R&D and together with the other R&D leaders to form and deliver on the R&D vision and quarterly goals. • Ensure the group delivers high quality deliverables according to roadmap and R&D vision and goals. • Expand the existing group and retain people ; mentor existing team leaders, identify and promote key talents • Promote agile culture and practices within the group and across R&D. • Promote and ensure quality and excellence across the group. • Work with product managers, und
מייסד גיגיה בעקבות האקזיט: "זה לא היה מזל ולא כישרון - אלא עבודה קשה"
רולי אליעזרוב, ממייסדי גיגיה בראיון ל-TheMarker: "לא רצינו לגייס עוד כסף. היינו במצב טוב אבל לא יכלנו להתפרע. עכשיו בעזרת סאפ יהיה קל יותר לגדול" ■ "העובדים יכולים להיות מרוצים מהעסקה"
Senior DevOps Engineer
The position’s primary challenge is to manage complicated, global, open-source infrastructure. The team member will join highly-skilled team, and will need to be familiar with emerging technologies in the field and make decisions regarding the use of those technologies at Gigya. Success is defined by systems that provide 100% uptime (including during maintenance periods) and quick, automatic provisioning of resources while maintaining constant system reliability. You will work hand in hand with developers, QA engineers, system architects, system and operations engineers and project managers. Responsibilities include: Manage core production systems, including frequent changes and updates. Rapidly identify and resolve problems in production systems. Research and implement new technologies. Handle complex service faults. Improve existing technologies and processes while maintaining a rapid delivery cycle. Provide support during off hours (nights and weekends) when necessary.
Front End Developer
Gigya is looking for Front End Developer to join our team developing web application & SDK for our leading SaaS platform At this position you will take full ownership on developing Gigya’s Web SDK used by our customers to implement different functionalities in their websites, from managing and securing the end-user’s session to running customizable flows using different UI components. Join us in leading new features from design to full end-to-end development while challenging yourself with with the latest TypeScript version, ES2016 development, Node.js and more.
Big Data
Actors Model
Async Programming
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QA Leader (methodology and automation)
Gigya is looking for an experienced QA to lead different quality aspects for our team. The position is located at Gigya’s R&D center, Azrieli Towers, Tel Aviv. The ‪QA Engineer will work as part of our development team in leading the quality aspect of the development.‬‬ At Gigya, QA plays a key role in the development process, so the position requires an independent fast learner with general technical skills, the ability to understand customer needs and an out-of-the-box mindset. Responsibilities include: •Review requirements specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback. •Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases derived directly from product specifications and customer requirements. •Estimate, prioritize, plan, and coordinate testing activities. •Develop automated tests using TypeScript and Node.js over WebDriver.io.
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